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Texas White Dove Release is owned and operated by Bencal Loft. Bencal Loft was founded in 1967 by Michael Bencal and his father George. They became members of the Northside Limited Club and the American Racing Pigeon Union. The loft was initially stocked with birds from local flyers.

The loft has also been a member of and participated in races with the San Jacinto Houston and the American Legion racing pigeon clubs, the Houston Racing Pigeon Combine, Greater Southwest Combine and the Gulf Coast Racing Pigeon Association.

The combines and association are groups of clubs that release pigeons together at the same release point and therefore compete in the same race. This allows racing against other clubs and a larger group of birds. All of these organizations are composed of flyers who are members of the American Racing Pigeon Union and the races are flown under ARPU rules.

Bencal Loft was one of the six lofts selected to train and race entries for the 1984 convention race for the Texas Center of the American Racing Pigeon Union. Five of the birds trained by the loft finished in the top seven places in this race.

To honor his father and memorialize his love of pigeons, Michael released birds at his father's funeral in 1997.

A special thanks to George Todd of Capetown, South Africa for his friendship with my father, for sharing his knowledge of pigeons, and for sharing his pigeon stock with Bencal Loft. Thanks to Herman Mechler and Robert Hall for sharing their knowledge and stock when the loft was started.

White rock doves and homing pigeons for racing are raised and trained at the loft.

The loft is owned and managed by Michael and Maurene Bencal and is located in rural Lavaca County Texas, near the town of Speaks.

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